Passport Troubleshooting

If you cannot find the answer to your problem here, please get in touch by clicking ‘Get Support’.

QR Scanning

My phone/computer camera can’t read the QR codes on Passport

When Passport is displaying the signed transaction as a QR code series, pressing up/down on the square copper colored d-pad will increase/decrease the screen brightness. Equally, pressing left/right with increase/decrease the QR code density.

A combination of both of these adjustments is usually enough to cure most scanning issues from Passport’s screen. If you are still struggling after this, try dimming the screen brightness of your laptop. Sometimes super bright laptop screens can cause glare on the Passport screen which makes it difficult for some lower quality webcams to pick up the QR codes Passport is displaying.

Passport can’t scan a QR code

Dense QR codes like those used in multisignature wallets or larger transactions can sometimes take slightly longer to scan. As long as you see the % progress slowly increasing on Passport’s screen, this means Passport is scanning and processing the information within the QR codes. If Passport fails to register any % progress at all, or completely stalls after making some progress, here is a list of adjustments to try:

  • Ensure you are running the latest firmware version
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen being scanned (your phone or laptop)
  • Ensure there is no glare from direct sunlight on the screen being scanned
  • Adjust the density of the QR codes being displayed (only possible where the wallet software allows. If you take this approach, you’ll need to start the scan process again due to the way the information is split amongst different QR densities)
  • Slowly adjust the distance between Passport and the screen being scanned

Address Validation

Address validation is failing

When using the address validation scan feature on Passport, these are the main possible reasons for failure:

  1. The address being verified is outside of the initial search window. To minimize search times, Passport searches 50 addresses at a time. When scanning an address with an index number outside of 0-49, you’ll need to tap ‘Continue Searching’ to widen the search area and successfully verify your address.
  2. The verification attempt is being made from the wrong account. Ensure you navigate to the correct account on Passport before pressing Verify Address.
  3. The verification attempt is being made for the wrong wallet type. Eg you have a multisig configuration imported to Passport, but this was not selected when choosing ‘Verify Address’.
  4. The address being scanned is from a passphrase protected wallet, but there is no passphrase applied to Passport at the time of scanning. The opposite is also true.

Fatal Error

Passport shows a ‘Fatal error’

Please contact our support with details of the error shown on Passport.


Passport does not recognize my PIN

Passport is unable to change your PIN without you. There is no possible way to change your Passport PIN without knowledge of the current one. Take your time and think carefully about the PIN you set. You have 21 attempts to enter a correct PIN. After the final attempt the device will be permanently locked.

Device Not Turning On

Passport will not turn on (Founders Edition)

If Passport will not remain powered on, your device likely needs a new set of Lithium AAA batteries.