Envoy Troubleshooting

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Envoy shows a Tor connectivity warning

We have a detailed page covering the reasons for this, including multiple resolution options here .

Incorrect Balance

My balance is incorrect and/or I have missing transactions

This is often caused by Tor connection issues. Read more about that, including resolution options, here .

If you are connected to your own Bitcoin node, this can also be the cause of missing transactions or incorrect balances. Check that your node is fully operational and synced up to the latest block height. If Envoy is having trouble connecting to your node over Tor, the shield at the top of the screen will glow red.

If you have imported a seed from another hardware wallet, you may have used multiple accounts. Ensure that you add each of these to Passport and then connect them to Envoy to get a full picture of your bitcoin balances.

At the time of writing, Envoy only supports the generation of Native Segwit addresses (those starting with bc1q). If you have imported an existing seed from another hardware wallet that used older legacy style addresses (those starting with a 1 or a 3), you’ll need to either:

  1. Send from those older addresses to the Native Segwit ones generated by Envoy.
  2. Use an alternative wallet software that supports legacy address types.

Firmware Update

Envoy fails to copy the Passport firmware file to my SD Card

Ensure you have followed the instructions outlined in the video here , then follow the troubleshooting steps below.

For Android devices:

  • Ensure the SD card is ‘safely removed’, ’ejected’ or ‘unmounted’ from the device. This is usually achieved by swiping down from the top of any screen then tapping ’eject’.

Applicable to both devices:

  • Older phones may take longer to copy the firmware file across to the microSD card. Ensure you do not eject the SD card until instructed to do so by Envoy.
  • Ensure the SD card is inserted correctly into the adapter. It will only fit one way, with the gold pins of the SD card facing towards the rounded edge of the adapter.
  • Ensure the SD card is being successfully read by your phone. This is typically achieved by locating the PASSPORT-SD directory in your phone’s file system.

Boosting or Canceling Transactions

Envoy is excluding small coins from my transaction

During very high fee conditions, the coin selection algorithm in Envoy will automatically exclude very small coins (UTXOs) from some spends. This is because at such a high fee rate, adding very small coins to a transaction can cost more than the value of the coin itself.

Why is Envoy adding more coins to my boost or cancel transaction? When boosting or canceling a transaction, Envoy will always attempt to do so using the change from the transaction, but where there is no change, or the boosted fee is greater than the total sum of available change, the wallet has no choice but to choose another coin from your wallet to cover the increased fee. Envoy will only choose from confirmed and unlocked coins.

In the scenario where coins are added, from v1.7.0, you’ll be able to amend the default coin selection.

Why can’t Envoy boost or cancel my transaction? In most cases this will be because there are not enough confirmed or unlocked coins for the wallet to use to boost the fee. Allow for pending coins to confirm, or enter the tag view and unlock some coins.