Access the advanced Passport settings. Tread carefully, these features are in the advanced section for a reason!

Security Words

This setting is disabled by default. With it turned on, after entering the first 4 digits of your PIN, Passport will pause and present you with two Security Words. These words are intended to ensure no one is able to tamper with or swap out your device during your use of Passport. If that were to happen, Passport would display words you are not expecting.

In addition to remembering these words, we recommend that you write them down and store them with your PIN. You will see these words every time you enter your PIN and should not use your device if you do not. After confirming the words, enter the rest of your PIN.

This video shows you the steps required to enable and use the PIN security words on Passport.

View Seed Words

View your 12 or 24 word seed. The 24 word seed view is split over two pages on Passport, with each page showing 12 words.

From Passport firmware version 2.3.0, the master seed can now be viewed via the Compact or Standard SeedQR format.

Anyone who sees these words can steal your funds. Exercise extreme caution when interacting with your seed words in any format.

Developer Pubkey

Passport allows advanced users to upload their own public key and sign your own firmware updates. This menu also allows for the uploaded key to be viewed and removed.

Learn more here


  • Format Card - This erases and formats the inserted microSD card.
  • List Files - This lists the files on the inserted microSD card and allows you to delete or view a SHA256 hash digest of the selected file. Viewing the hash of firmware files loaded to the SD card is an easy way to check that the file has not been altered with. Learn more in our firmware section.
  • Export Summary - This saves a public.txt file to the inserted microSD card that includes the master XPUB, child XPUBs for common derivation paths, and a small number of receive addresses for each derivation path. This information is privacy sensitive and should be handled accordingly.

Example public.txt file

To make file management easier, Passport creates directories automatically on the microSD card as needed for storing partially-signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs), multisig configs, wallet configs, health checks, and Key manager

Erase Passport

Erase Passport’s seed so that you can create or restore a new seed. This will not reset Passport to a factory-fresh state, so your defined PIN is still required to access the device.

Ensure your Passport is backed up to a microSD card and/or record down Passport’s seed before proceeding. There is no way to recover funds from an erased Passport.

Security Check

Perform a manual securty check to ensure your Passport was not tampered with in transit from our factory. This check forms part of the on boarding flow, but is made available in this menu for users that may have skipped the check at that stage.

Read more on how the Security Check works here .